VPPPA is dedicated to providing educational workshops to assist sites at all stages of the VPP process. Region VI offers these courses annually at the Region VI VPPPA Safety and Health Conference. Next to the National VPPPA Conference, the Region VI Conference is the largest safety conference with specialized information about the VPP and Challenge programs. Region VI has thousands of attendees from all over the country as well as hundreds of exhibitors ready to showcase their products.

Learn more about VPPPA’s:

  • VPP 101 Workshop
  • VPP Application Workshops®
  • Strengthening Star Quality Workshop (SSQ)

Visit the National VPPPA Calendar of Events for scheduled workshop dates and locations. For more information regarding workshops at the VPPPA Annual National Conference, please visit the Annual Conference section of this website.

VPP 101

The VPPPA, with the help of OSHA officials, designed this workshop to fit the needs of worksites that are in the beginning stages of exploring VPP. This two-hour workshop provides the basic information worksites need to purse this cooperative management system.

The VPP 101 Workshop is applicable to all, from those in upper management to safety and health professionals and hourly workers.

At this workshop, participants will:

  • develop an understanding of VPP;
  • learn the basic four elements of VPP;
  • gain insight into the benefits of VPP from current VPP site representatives; and
  • overview the major stages of the VPP process.

VPP Application Workshop

This eight-hour educational workshop is tailored toward worksites interested in applying to the VPP through OSHA, OSHA State-Plan or DOE. Using materials from actual applications, a panel of representatives from OSHA and VPP sites overview how participants can approach and build their VPP applications.

At this workshop, participants will:

  • learn step by step how to put together the VPP application;
  • review samples from VPP applications submitted by VPP Star worksites; and
  • network with regional OSHA officials and industry representatives from current VPP sites to share best practices on completing a successful VPP application.

Before attending this workshop, we recommend obtaining a basic knowledge of VPP by:

  • attending the VPP 101 workshop;
  • contacting your regional OSHA VPP Manager; and/or
  • reviewing the VPP requirements and application materials at www.osha.gov.

Private VPP Application Workshops® can be arranged and tailored to your worksite or company. Many companies have found that a Private VPP Application Workshops® has saved both company time and money. For more information, please contact the Conference & Education Department at [email protected].

Strengthening Star Quality Workshop (SSQ)

This four-hour workshop offers experienced VPP participants a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discover fresh approaches to meeting the requirements for VPP re-approvals. The workshop focuses on “continuous improvement” in your safety and health performance to reach new levels of excellence.

At this workshop, participants will share ideas on:

  • how to maintain employee enthusiasm and involvement in the VPP;
  • how to make the annual evaluation work for you;
  • how other VPP worksites are maintaining the level of commitment needed for VPP; and,
  • what OSHA is looking for in the VPP re-certification.

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