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The following position changes were reviewed and approved at the December 16th meeting.

Rocky has resigned as the Chairperson and is now serving in the Labor Representative position at the national level (VPPPA). Max will have the responsibility of the Chairperson position.Saprena Lyons was appointed and voted into the Vice Chair position.

With Cliff’s resignation taking effect it will leave us with two at large positions, area Director 1 (Saprena’s old position, and Director 3 Ciff’s position). These two positions are now being advertised for 30 days.

The changes will allow us to continue to be strong with our current players and leadership. It will also allow us a full complement of BOD.

No significant adjustment to our team. We are all here to continue with our duties to support the Region and Nationals mission and vision.

Thank you

Max VanValey
West Regional Safety Coordinator
Carlisle Construction Materials
19727 57th Avenue East
Puyallup, WA 98375
M - 253-313-8261

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